Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I cling to my solitude;

fathoming my depths, through

those inward eyes.

The wistful years pass along, and

my solitude peers back at them; some

moments left stranded, somewhere

where my life left them;

laden with the mist of times

clamouring through the silence.

My solitude enlightens me, of

the beautiful sounds that,

I ignored all these years –

breath of the wind on the panes, and

the resonance of my own heartbeat;

pealed back to me through muted space.

I have travelled far and wide;

Leaving testimonial footprints – some

caked in mud, some

washed away by frivolous waves; to be

lost in the seas of eternity.

My solitude leans on me; and

I hear what it has to say –

I venture on….

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